Antenna Adapter for Audio-Radio, VW New Beetle

Antenna Adapter for Audio-Radio, VW New Beetle

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Fast connection for everyone! Not everyone wants to be content with the original VW radio. And a new, pretty accessories radio is usually easily found and bought. But unfortunately it is with a new radio does not in itself sufficient, upgrading requires some plug and adapter and it usually only noticed at home in the vehicle. We offer you the necessary antenna adapter plug. On the original radio is in contrast to the Equipment radio, a DIN plug connection (see Figure 2) installed. To use the existing antenna cable, you need this adapter offered. Be vorbreitet and spare your nerves.

Additional product information

Artikelnummer ah00001
Modell VW New Beetle 98-
Funktion Connection to the radio antenna accessories
Bauteil Antenna connector
Verbindung DIN simple antenna connector
Lieferumfang 1 part

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